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Communicate at the speed of thought

  • Eraser's uncluttered canvas is the quickest way to visualize any idea.
  • Our controls are super straight forward – use shortcuts to go even faster.
  • Eraser's rough visual style is the perfect match for your rough ideas
Easy and simple, just like a whiteboard
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Turn it into a doc

  • Turn your diagrams and figures into full-blown technical specs and strategy notes using the note editor.
  • Use canvas links to point at canvas objects from the note editor.
Write notes and draw figures in the same tool
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Ideation is better together

  • Just share the URL, your collaborator doesn't need to sign-up.
  • Every single keystroke and cursor movement is shared in real-time.
  • Skip the Zoom invite and use audio chat for conferencing.
Eraser is built to be collaboration-first
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Your all-in-one ideation tool

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Consolidate your documentation app, whiteboard app, and conferencing app into one.
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Whichever direction your conversation goes, Eraser has you covered.

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Communicate ideas at the speed of thought

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