Eraser Announces $4M Seed Round

November 9, 2021

We're excited to announce our $4M Seed Round led by Caffeinated Capital and participated by Quiet Capital, Upside Partnership, and Fuel Capital. We are humbled to be joined by technical leaders and operators such as Elad Gil, Nat Friedman, Neha Narkhede, Jack Altman, Austen Allred, Harry Stebbings, and Packy McCormick (see bottom for more).

Despite ~80% of software engineering jobs being remote-friendly today, engineers have not had a go-to online ideation platform they could call their own. Instead they have had to resort to presentation tools, narrowly focused diagramming tools, and ideation tools made for designers. This is the problem that we are solving.

Eraser is an all-in-one ideation tool that lets you focus on your idea, built for technical teams. We provide a clean, usable interface so that you can concentrate on expressing and iterating on your idea instead of wasting time figuring out how to use the tool.

Eraser pairs a canvas for visual ideation with a markdown-powered note editor that turns your work into a doc for easy distribution and consumption. Our canvas builds on Excalidraw, a drawing library beloved by the engineering community for its usability.

Since soft launching in March 2021, over a million users have used Eraser to conduct brainstorming, system design interviews, and daily stand-ups. Many of our users are remote-first, distributed teams and we are proud to support them pioneer the future of work.

This funding will help us accelerate product development in exciting areas like text-based diagram generation, creating the best tablet and stylus experience, and integrating with other tools in our users' workflows.

Finally, we are hiring engineers and a product designer to join our journey. If you are excited about building next-generation collaboration tools for technical teams, please send a note to for a chat!

Investors in addition to above: La Famiglia, Shrug Capital, Base Case Capital, Alex Erikstrup, Charlie Songhurst, Daniel Graf, Manik Gupta, Badrul Farooqi, Rousseau Kazi, Francesco Goedhuis, Marc Bhargava, Jessica Ko, Will Manidis, Tim Dalrymple, Brian Lovin, Sawyer Kisken, and Chris Cheng.